Three Boys and an Embryo Baby

I never expected to adopt. The concept wasn’t completely foreign—my wife, Julie, and I had discussed the possibility of adopting or fostering before we were married. But three years into building our family, we welcomed our first biological son, then … Read More

Is Egg Freezing the Only Solution?

Egg freezing may be used to preserve future fertility for women. Mature oocytes (eggs) are harvested from a woman’s ovaries, flash-frozen (vitrified), stored, and are later thawed to create embryos using in-vitro fertilization. Recently, we came across a very informative … Read More

Questions without Answers

After receiving certain infertility diagnoses, fertility doctors will often recommend IVF with donor egg, donor sperm, or both. This can be a major setback to some families—especially those who have always dreamed of having a genetic child. Couples are often … Read More