Is Embryo Adoption Legal?

In many countries, adopting a child has been legal for less than 100 years. In the United States, modern adoption laws did not appear until the passage of the Massachusetts Adoption of Children Act in 1851. Embryo adoption, while less … Read More

Fertility: Fact & Fiction

This year, September 26th marks National Women’s Health and Fitness Day. Women’s health and fitness levels are a big component of fertility. But there are many myths which are being mixed in with truths. So what does affect women’s fertility, … Read More

Separation, Divorce, Death, Oh My!

The Embryo Adoption Awareness Center has been providing educational information for several years regarding the importance of having a plan for your remaining embryos in the event of separation, divorce or death. If you have already created embryos or if … Read More

Three Boys and an Embryo Baby

I never expected to adopt. The concept wasn’t completely foreign—my wife, Julie, and I had discussed the possibility of adopting or fostering before we were married. But three years into building our family, we welcomed our first biological son, then … Read More

Is Egg Freezing the Only Solution?

Egg freezing may be used to preserve future fertility for women. Mature oocytes (eggs) are harvested from a woman’s ovaries, flash-frozen (vitrified), stored, and are later thawed to create embryos using in-vitro fertilization. Recently, we came across a very informative … Read More

Immunization and Pregnancy

August is National Immunization Month. When you are pregnant, you share everything with your baby. This means if you get a vaccine during your pregnancy, you are sharing it with your unborn child. Vaccines help protect you and your baby … Read More