What Can I Do with My Remaining Embryos?

IVF is one of the most common medical treatments pursued by infertile couples. Did you know researchers found that about two thirds (65.3%) of patients will be successful after six or more cycles of IVF? If you do the math, … Read More

You Can Survive the Holidays with Infertility

With Thanksgiving past, and the Christmas season in full force, it is normal to feel some holiday blues while struggling with an infertility diagnosis. Invitations to Christmas pageants, family-friendly parties, and having to have conversations with relatives (who are just … Read More

Three Centuries of Assisted Reproductive Technologies

In the past ten years, the use of assisted reproductive technology (ART) has greatly increased. However, the use of ART existed long before Louise Brown, the first test tube baby, was born. The first attempted ART treatments began as early … Read More

Dealing with Stress during the Embryo Adoption Process

In the United States there is a designated day for just about everything—National Doughnut Day, National Abyssinian Cat Day, National Hug Your Iguana Day—but did you know that November 7th is National Stress Awareness Day? Perhaps you celebrate that day … Read More

Choosing Life for Embryos

Lindsay and Rick first met at an engagement party for their mutual friends. They fell in love on the dance floor at the same friends’ wedding. In their wildest dreams, the couple never imagined they would struggle with infertility. After … Read More

Impatiently Enduring the Two Week Wait

The two week wait after undergoing a frozen embryo transfer can be a time of high anxiety, worry, and frustration for families going through embryo adoption. The two week wait is the period of time after the transfer has occurred … Read More

Is Embryo Adoption Legal?

In many countries, adopting a child has been legal for less than 100 years. In the United States, modern adoption laws did not appear until the passage of the Massachusetts Adoption of Children Act in 1851. Embryo adoption, while less … Read More