Pathway2Family: 2017 Summer/Fall Issue

Check out the latest issue of Pathway2Family at! In the latest issue, you can read: Coffee and Pregnancy - What you need to know about your cup of Joe. Nine Pregnancy No-Nos - Besides the obvious (drinking, smoking), what are … Read More

Apprehension Turns into Appreciation

Countless fertility treatments failed IVF, failed frozen embryo transfer, a devastating stillbirth, an interrupted adoption, year after year, longing for children without success. In our wildest dreams, we never thought we would be faced with deciding what to do with remaining frozen … Read More

Emotional Healing through Embryo Donation

In 2008, my spirit was broken when my marriage ended after almost 12 years. Literally, overnight, I became the single mother of a 2 1⁄2-year-old daughter, uncertain and scared about the future. It took nearly six months to finalize our … Read More

Not Our Embryos to Keep

After Tom and Anabelle married, they assumed children would quickly follow... However, after years of trying, they opted in vitro fertilization. The couple now had three children—and five frozen embryos who needed them to decide their future. After considering their … Read More

A Look Inside the Causes of Male Infertility

Many people think of infertility as a problem primarily affecting women but that’s not actually the case. June 11 was the beginning of National Men's Health Week, culminating on Father's Day! Infertility issues are pretty evenly divided between male and … Read More

Let's Talk Infertility

Having Trouble Getting Pregnant?  The Embryo Adoption Awareness Center may help you understand infertility in a way you may not have heard of before – embryo adoption. Are you struggling to figure out why you are cursed with infertility? Did … Read More

Creating a Family Profile for Embryo Adoption

Creating a family profile for an embryo adoption process is the best opportunity you will have to introduce yourself to families who are hoping to place their embryos. It can feel intimidating at first, but most couples enjoy the opportunity … Read More

Infertility and Sleeping Habits

Do you feel like you've tried everything? You have started exercising more, improved your diet and taken fertility drugs. All in an attempt to achieve a pregnancy. It can be devastating when nothing seems to be working. Is it possible that … Read More