What Causes Male Infertility?

As we have stated in previous blogs, infertility is most commonly thought of as a female problem. When in reality, men are equally likely to receive this diagnosis. The causes of female infertility are well identified (endometriosis, PCOS, low ovarian … Read More

Considering Anonymous Donors

Last week we talked through the very real fact that nearly 50% of all embryos available for adoption or donation are created with egg donors, sperm donors, or both. When thinking through your decision on whether or not to select embryos … Read More

Questions without Answers

After receiving certain infertility diagnoses, fertility doctors will often recommend IVF with donor egg, donor sperm, or both. This can be a major setback to some families—especially those who have always dreamed of having a genetic child. Couples are often … Read More

Ibuprofen Causes Infertility?

In the age of the Internet, people expect quick, straight forward solutions to their problems. Everyone thinks they can find the simple and direct answer just by Googling it. Health problems are no different. Today, people are relaying on cutting … Read More

Where Should I Donate My Embryos?

When families decide they would like to donate their embryos to another family, they are sometimes overwhelmed by all the different donation options that are available to them. In a nutshell, here are three potential programs and options you can … Read More

Hearts Thawed, Babies Born

Rachael and Pete were hoping to have children of their own, but they found out quickly having babies may not be as easy as they expected. Fertility treatments lead to the birth of their first son Samuel and then a … Read More

Coping with Male Infertility

When the word infertility is mentioned, most often female infertility is thought of first. Most couples never even consider their infertility can be caused by the man. But males are responsible for 20–30 percent of infertility cases. Men tend to respond to … Read More