Creating a Family Profile for Embryo Adoption

Creating a family profile for an embryo adoption process is the best opportunity you will have to introduce yourself to families who are hoping to place their embryos. It can feel intimidating at first, but most couples enjoy the opportunity to share a little about their lives.

So what should be included in the family profile?

It helps to start by sharing a little about who you are and how you met. After that, you can go into more detail including hobbies, what your occupation is, future plans for childcare and more. Beyond all those details we have included three tips to help you along as you work on your family profile for embryo adoption.

  • Make sure to include something written from both of you:

    It can be tempting to let one person, the creative one, take over the writing for the family profile. Well, while that may ensure that you will have a well-written profile, it also leaves a lot of questions for the placing family when it comes to who your spouse is. Try to include something from both your perspectives, even if that is a little section where you both talk about meeting each other or describe one another. Placing families will enjoy the differences that make you both unique and get a better picture of who you are and how you will raise a future child.

  • Try to incorporate both the hard things and good things in your journey together:

    Who doesn’t want to make their life seem perfect? Especially when trying to assure another family that you would be able to nurture and care for a child. Most adopting couples forget that families need to go through infertility first to have a reason to create embryos. Often it’s the struggle of infertility that placing families relate with most. They’ve been there, and they can remember how hard it was when they were in your shoes.

  • Do not neglect the pictures:

    We know pictures can be a touchy subject for some people. Maybe you don’t feel photogenic, or you only like one or two pictures you have. Over 70% of the population are visual learners, so pictures do make a difference. Don’t be afraid to get some help from a friend with a good camera, or even an iPhone! Pictures draw people in. Adding photos to your profile will make your profile seem more personal and relatable.

If you’re hoping to adopt embryos and want to get started on your family profile, register for our upcoming webinar “Creating a Family Profile for Embryo Adoption”, on Wednesday, June 7th.