Infertility struggles conquered through embryo adoption

Part 2- Joy in pregnancy from adopted embryos
Written by Heather Traveski
Edited by the Embryo Adoption Awareness Center

Read the first part of the Traveski’s embryo adoption journey in last Friday's Awareness Center Blog.

I remember calling my mom from the hotel room.  Not only had she not seen me in nearly four years, but at 33 years old I was finally hopefully going to get something I had been wanting for 30 years. She was beside herself and really crying.  I was absolutely at peace about the whole situation.

When the day of the pregnancy test came, I knew that the test would be positive.  I could feel something different from the moment I left the doctor's office in Los Angeles.

Since that time we have only had one scare, when I was about six weeks pregnant and I began to massively bleed.  I had only had an ultrasound the day before and found out that only one of two transferred embryos had implanted.  My doctor had me go right in for another ultrasound, and as my family remained really worried. But inside I knew that everything was okay.  The ultrasound confirmed that my baby was fine and had grown one day bigger!  My family was relieved.

I'm now seven months pregnant with a little girl whom my husband and I have chosen to name after our mothers.  I can look back at everything that has happened and I am so so thankful every time my baby kicks me and every time I feel her move. After nine years of living in a third world country and giving my life serving others, many people have expressed their excitement for us and have told me, "I'm so happy! You deserve this!"

But honestly the truth is that I don't deserve to have this sweet baby in my uterus! God has blessed me and my husband so much and He doesn't owe me absolutely anything.  But we are thankful- thankful every day for such a blessing. Every day I am so excited and just cannot wait to see her sweet face.

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