About Embryo Adoption

Is it possible that embryo adoption will be the solution that brings a sweet baby into your loving arms?

Are you frustrated by the high cost of in vitro fertilization? Heartbroken by your IVF treatment failures? Feeling pressured by your clinic to purchase human eggs? Maybe you simply have a heart to help some of the 600,000+ embryos in frozen storage find a loving home.

Embryo donation and adoption is a proven successful process allowing families with remaining embryos to donate them to another family desiring to experience pregnancy and childbirth. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about this amazing adoption choice which has allowed more than 7,000 babies to be born.

How do we tell our children? #MovieMondayParents that want to share the journey of embryo adoption with their children may consider creating a "Life Book." Life books weave the pieces of their adopt... ...

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The risk of birth defects is no higher than average through embryo adoption. #FrozenButNotForgotten ...

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To discard our remaining embryos would have gone against our personal values. The agency we chose connected us with a family [sharing our values] who would welcome these potential lives with open arms.

— Nancy
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