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The Embryo Adoption Awareness Center is dedicated to providing education on embryo donation and adoption, for both individuals, and adoption and medical professionals.

Recordings of previously presented webinars are offered free of charge in the Webinar Archives section of the web site. The webinars cover a wide array of topics, useful for fertility clinic, adoption agency and counseling professionals and will help you understand this important and unique adoption option. Embryo adoption allows people with remaining embryos to choose a particular family to donate them to. Embryo adoption allows people still wanting to experience pregnancy to do so.

New Awareness Center webinar topics are now offered free of charge for those who wish to audit the course. Current webinars are offered on an on-going basis, twice monthly, on the third and fourth Wednesday of the month. The third week of each month is designated for webinars designed for fertility clinics, while adoption agency webinars take place on the fourth week of the month. Check the Webinar Registration page for current course listings and webinar dates. Occasionally there are changes made to the regular schedule to accommodate holidays and professional conferences. We also offer a Certificate of Completion which can be submitted to the CEU credit provider of your choice for individuals who can benefit from continuing education opportunities. There is a nominal fee of $25.00 per individual or $50.00 per business entity with unlimited attendance.

Please be sure to visit our new Education Resources page. In one convenient location you will find links to additional educational resources on embryo donation and adoption that are available from several external sources.

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