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Education Resources

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Embryo Adoption Resources for Roman Catholics

Can Embryos Be Adopted?

As stockpiles of frozen embryos grow, so does the debate regarding what should be done with them and for them, even among Catholic moral theologians. Click on the title to read an interview about embryo adoption with moral theologian Father Thomas Williams, dean of theology at the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University

Is There Precedent for Embryo Adoption in Scripture and Medieval Christian Tradition?

From Click on the title to read anarticle on the morality of embryo adoption by Kent Lasnoski, Assistant Professor of Theology at Quincy University

Embryo Adoption: A Review of the Roman Catholic Conversation (Click to view a recording of this one hour webinar)

There are many practicing Catholics in the United States. Catholics are not any less prone to experiencing infertility problems. The Church is clear on two issues: 1.) Life begins at conception and 2.) In vitro fertilization is not an option for achieving pregnancy. But what about the use of remaining frozen embryos? What does the Church have to say about Embryo Adoption?

Additional Embryo Adoption and Donation Resources

As a result of the work of many grantees, who have received funding from the Department of Health and Human Services, there are many resources available to help educate yourself about embryo donation and adoption.

Creating a Family

Creating a Family has a comprehensive set of resources on infertility and adoption. Dawn Davenport is a leading expert in adoption, infertility and orphan care, and the host of the top rated radio show on adoption and infertility in the USCreating a Family: Talk about Adoption and Infertility. She is the Executive Director of Creating a Family, a nonprofit providing education for adoption and infertility. Creating a Family has won awards for excellence from both the US Department of Health and Human Services and the Congressional Coalition on Adoption. The radio show won the International Infertility in the Media award in 2010. Listen to these radio shows and search the website for current information and events.

    Fertility Authority

    Our website is designed to provide quality information on a wide range of fertility topics, as well as simplify your search for a trusted fertility doctor or fertility clinic. We're the most comprehensive web portal dedicated solely to fertility with the quality tools and information to pursue your goals. Our patient care coordinators are former infertility patients across the country, who know the fertility clinics in their area and are adept at matching patients with the right doctor for their needs. Instead of doing the search yourself, our patient care coordinators can book appointments for you and help you in your search for a fertility doctor or fertility clinic that can best help you. Our personal approach through phone calls, email, and live chat will assist you on your way to achieving your family-building goals. Our goal is to help you navigate the waters and make the best, most effective decisions about your fertility in the least amount of time.

    National Embryo Donation Academy

    The National Embryo Donation Academy is composed of a professional faculty whose mission is to educate individuals in all aspects of embryo donation. Each faculty member has contributed curricula in their respective areas of expertise utilizing a number of educational materials. Participants will learn the basics of embryo donation and after passing an appropriate exam, will earn a "Certificate of Achievement in Embryo Donation" having demonstrated basic competency in the multiple disciplines of embryo donation.

    RESOLVE: the National Infertility Association

    A series of webinars and information.

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