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For Fertility Clinics

Why Incorporate and Promote Embryo Donation in Our Clinic?

The miracle of modern medicine now enables families to give birth to children rather than expand their family through adoption - adoption used to be the first option for family building for those who are faced with the crisis of infertility. Perhaps more families would choose to receive donated embryos rather than create embryos with expensive donor eggs, if they were made aware of the option.

There are now more than 600,000 embryos in frozen storage in the U.S. and that number increases annually at about 4% based on CDC records.

Embryo Disposition

Many couples with remaining embryos need assistance with making a decision about embryo disposition. While they were having the embryos created for their own family building their laser-focus was on 'having a baby'. They weren't thinking about what to do with remaining embryos - even when you explained to them that the likelihood of having remaining embryos was high.

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Frozen Embryo Storage
Clinics throughout the nation are faced with ever increasing storage requirements or are opting to move embryos to long-term storage. Fortunately there are many points in time where a clinic has the opportunity to educate their clients about embryo disposition. As we all learned in psychology 101, a person truly grasps a new concept after being exposed to it five, six, even seven or more times!

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How We Can Help
The Awareness Center exists to help you help your patients learn and understand their disposition options. Each will reach their own conclusion regarding what should happen to their leftover embryos - some will choose to keep them frozen and pay the annual storage fees, some will choose to donate them to science, some will choose to thaw and discard them, and some will choose to donate them to another family.

We realize that the primary focus of your clinic is to provide outstanding medical care to your patients and help them have children. Outstanding care encompasses the entire infertility cycle and should include assisting patients with education regarding their disposition choices.

A new low-cost storage option exists for your patients who choose to donate their embryos to another person. The storage facility is the reputable Fairfax Cryobank in Austin, TX. If embryo storage costs are a concern, this low-cost embryo storage option may be the solution.

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How You Can Be Involved
The Embryo Adoption Awareness Campaign has identified three levels of involvement for clinics. Review these alternatives. Carefully consider how any one of the levels could positively impact your clinic.

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Our Success
Several clinics have incorporated the use of our Disposition Brochure into their storage billing envelope. Some have chosen to use a power point presentation developed by the Awareness Center to educate patients about embryo donation alternatives.

More than 145 clinics have participated in webinars presented by the Embryo Adoption Awareness Center.

Couples who choose embryo donation can clearly empathize with a family to whom they donate their remaining embryos. They may feel a responsibility toward the future of their embryos. Embryo donation is a choice that allows couples to assist another couple fulfill the same desire they had when they created the embryos - having children.

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