Pregnancy After Cancer

Are you infertile because of Cancer? Did you know that there’s still a chance to become pregnant through Embryo Adoption? Here is a story of a family who achieved pregnancy after struggling with infertility. Written by Tracy Steiner and Edited … Read More

Pathway2Family: 2017 Winter/Spring Issue

Check out the latest issue of Pathway2Family at! In the latest issue, you can read: Twenty Years Strong – From Snowflakes baby 1 to baby 500 Do You Have Embryos in Frozen Storage? – What to do with your remaining … Read More

CMV and Embryo Adoption

Most Embryo Adoption agencies will request a simple CMV blood test to go along with your doctor approval before moving forward with an embryo adoption. What’s CMV? It’s a common virus officially called Cytomegalovirus, that closely resembles a cold. 85% … Read More

How Much Does Embryo Adoption Really Cost?

Various infertility treatment methods like domestic or international adoption, IVF treatments, or purchasing donor eggs have left couples drained emotionally, physically, and financially. Donating families do not get paid for their donation. They donate their frozen embryos because they want … Read More

Celebrating a Family

Snowflakes and winter go together like a hand in a glove. A delicate snowflake sparkles brightly on a cold winter day. As we pass the winter solstice our days begin to lengthen coming out of darkness into light.  This annual … Read More