Robert and Sarah's Story

Real life stories not only inspire others, but they also help the uneducated and undecided make life-giving decisions.  Just as each Snowflake baby is unique, so each family’s story is unique. Robert and Sarah’s Story Robert and Sarah’s infertility story, … Read More

Share Your Story with Us

We’d really like to help more families understand the joys (and tribulations) of embryo donation and adoption and the best way to do that is through storytelling – telling YOUR story! Real life stories not only inspire others, but they … Read More

Interview with Janet Parshall

Kimberly Tyson, the Marketing and Program Director for Snowflakes Embryo Adoption, recently did an on-air interview with Janet Parshall. In the interview, they discuss the process of embryo adoption and donation. Over 500 babies have been born to their adopted … Read More

The Impact of Male Infertility

When you think about infertility, you may consider the countless female celebrities that have shared publically about their struggle to conceive. Maybe a friend who has been hoping to see a positive pregnancy test for years, or a blogger who … Read More

Pregnancy After Cancer

Are you infertile because of Cancer? Did you know that there’s still a chance to become pregnant through Embryo Adoption? Here is a story of a family who achieved pregnancy after struggling with infertility. Written by Tracy Steiner and Edited … Read More

Pathway2Family: 2017 Winter/Spring Issue

Check out the latest issue of Pathway2Family at! In the latest issue, you can read: Twenty Years Strong – From Snowflakes baby 1 to baby 500 Do You Have Embryos in Frozen Storage? – What to do with your remaining … Read More

CMV and Embryo Adoption

Most Embryo Adoption agencies will request a simple CMV blood test to go along with your doctor approval before moving forward with an embryo adoption. What’s CMV? It’s a common virus officially called Cytomegalovirus, that closely resembles a cold. 85% … Read More